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Potpourri of videos in chronological order. Complete list on my YouTube videos page.

YouTube Tutorial: How To Unsubscribe From ZacksMovies

Helpful Instructional video for those on YouTube.

Super Scribblenauts Police Brutality

Thoughtful examination of the role of law enforcement in a civil society.

Stars and Planets to Scale

This is a great demonstration of just how small we are and how big some of the things in the universe are.

Making of the series: "Thad"

Watch Zack drone on about making the making of the animated series.

Tyra Banks helps Zack learn what's up....down there!!!

Lady business is serious business. Only Tyra and the vajayjay puppet can put an end to all the confusion.

Annihilation Flipbook Movie

Full of flipbooky goodness and the madness that goes into it.